Lee Couch

Ancient Knowledge
| Global Change

Wellbeing Facilitator and Educator

Lee Yinarr ( translates to Aboriginal woman in the Gamilaraay language.)  

Lee Couch is a Wellbeing Facilitator and Educator with over 15 years of experience in Health and Wellness. She is an Aboriginal woman from the Gamilaroi Tribe NSW Australia, now living on the traditional lands of Taungurung / Dhudhuroa Country in the Alpine Shire, Victoria. Lee is inspired to create global change and has uniquely created a world that welcomes people to connect.   


Nurture your mind, body and soul through an Earth connection at one of Lee's transformative retreats. Set amidst mountains, waterfalls and bushland on beautiful Taungurung / Dhudhuroa, Waywurru & Jatmathang Country. 

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Take advantage of Lee's wealth of experience in Aboriginal therapy modalities such as Wayapa Wuurrk (cultural meditation and movement) and Dadirri (deep listening to Country).

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Working with Young People & Schools

Lee is passionate about ensuring our young people connect authentically with Culture, and Identify with pride. Lee welcomes opportunities to collaborate with schools and other organisations that work with young people.

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Lee's essential oil products evolved from her knowledge and skills in the area of Aboriginal ways of healing with Country, the traditional methods our people used through ritual and bush medicine.

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Meet Lee

Lee is dedicated to her creation in helping in the healing of her people and all peoples. She has uniquely created a world that welcomes you to connect.

Her business purpose is to work toward
change and closing the gap by creating
pathways that allow culture to be visible
and accessible. She is passionate about
change, education, and helping heal all
people across our generations.
She has a deep desire, as she travels through
two worlds, to inspire global change.

She acknowledges her Creator Spirit Byamee- Father Sky and all Creator Spirits across our land, Aboriginal Australia.  

Acknowledgement of Country

Lee Couch acknowledges the traditional lands of the Taungurung/ Dhudhuroa people on which she, works, lives and plays. She acknowledges all Country across this place we call home, Aboriginal Australia.