Lee Couch is anchored in the strong beliefs of her Culture and people and this is at the front line in all that she is dedicated to. Lee also believes in celebrating diversity and the gifts of other cultures and modalities, and has used these pathways in her own healing journey. 

Lee says “When we celebrate others, we allow them to celebrate us”

Aboriginal Wellness Modalities

Wayapa Wuurrk

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Cultural Retreats

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Other Wellness Services

Regression Therapy

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Access Conciousness

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Lee’s workshops have been a lovely addition to our KWP program. Lee has a wonderful soothing presence. Her patience and knowledge is so valuable to the women we work with. We will continue to work with Lee, her approach to spirituality and cultural knowledge is unique and powerful.

Torie McWilliams Murray

It has been an honour and a privilege to be able to collaborate and work with Lee on both a personal and professional basis. 

Lee is an expert in her craft, and her work is deeply moving, healing, and powerful. 

Lee has facilitated several meditation programs for me and has had an enormous impact on all participants. Lee gently guides clients through a calming and grounding meditation experience. 

Lee’s knowledge and deep intuition add to create an unforgettable experience for all.

Yolanda Finette
Holistic Life Coach & Wellness Facilitator

l was so fortunate to be a participant in one of Lee’s online meditation workshops hosted by Healing the Past by Nurturing the Future. Immediately l was drawn in by the calming and welcoming space she had provided and found myself very relaxed. Her session was guided in such a gentle and positive way that led me into a place of deep connection. Her teachings are a gift that acknowledges a deeper appreciation of culture. Brilliant! 

Carlie Atkinson
We Al-li