Dadirri is deep listening and learning. It is a sense of the spirituality experienced through quiet, still awareness. When we listen to Country, we are made whole again.


Meditation has so many advantages. Health, well-being, and mental processes improve with meditation and, over time, the benefits increase steadily.

Lee is a certified mindfulness & meditation teacher specialising in Cultural meditation that connects you to the Spirit of the Land as we breathe the breaths of our ancestors.

Meditation means transforming the mind and developing concentration through presence and self awareness.

Aunty Mariam Rose Ungunmerr is the founder of Dadirri . The word, concept and spiritual practice that is dadirri (da-did-ee) is from the Ngan’gikurunggurr and Ngen’giwumirri languages of the Aboriginal peoples of the Daly River region (Northern Territory, Australia).

Miriam Rose Ungunmerr Baumann, 2021 Senior Australian of the year, is a renowned Aboriginal Artist and Educator who is dedicated to creating bright and fulfilling futures for Aboriginal children and youth.  She was the first fully qualified Aboriginal teacher in the Northern Territory and the Miriam Rose Foundation founder.  Miriam Rose speaks five local languages along with English and is responsible for establishing the highly successful Merrepen Arts centre in Nauiyu.


It has been an honour and a privilege to be able to collaborate and work with Lee on both a personal and professional basis. 

Lee is an expert in her craft, and her work is deeply moving, healing, and powerful. 

Lee has facilitated several meditation programs for me and has had an enormous impact on all participants. Lee gently guides clients through a calming and grounding meditation experience. 

Lee’s knowledge and deep intuition add to create an unforgettable experience for all.

Yolanda Finette

l was so fortunate to be a participant in one of Lee’s online meditation workshops hosted by Healing the Past by Nurturing the Future. Immediately l was drawn in by the calming and welcoming space she had provided and found myself very relaxed. Her session was guided in such a gentle and positive way that led me into a place of deep connection. Her teachings are a gift that acknowledges a deeper appreciation of culture. Brilliant! 

Carlie Atkinson
We Al-li

Lee’s Wayapa & Dadirri class is the most fulfilling reconnection to country, through Aboriginal ways of knowing and being, l have experienced. She is a channel of wisdom and knowledge from her deep connection to country and offers this authentic space to allow you to experience a sense of spirit.  l leave with a feeling of being grounded, held, and deeply connected. l absolutely love Lee’s vibrant and passionate nature which infuses you with a desire to know and be more. 

Alex Hammond Shaw

In 2019 aged forty nine I was diagnosed with breast cancer and I found myself in a place of fear and despair.Knowing I had to go through six months of chemotherapy before surgery, I wanted and needed to work on a much deeper more spiritual level to heal physically and emotionally.With a little research and help from the universe I was so fortunate to have been introduced to Lee Couch .Lee supported and guided me throughout my healing journey and continues to do so today.Lee taught me how to connect to myself and to country. She held my hand as I travelled to some very dark places and to many beautiful ones as well and we worked on my healing through forgiveness and gratitude.  Healing connects us back to ourselves, Lee taught me to be still, to calm my mind and this allowed me to find peace and connect with my spirit and the universe.Through these practises I grew strong and grounded and I could overcome whatever came my way.With each meditation  Lee connected me to country and to the ancestors  who also contributed to my healing. Thank you ancestors.I’m forever grateful to have Lee in my life. Thank you so much for the healing.