My workshops are created from my authentic passion to empower change. l tailor a unique experience to meet your needs, and can be delievered online or face to face.

Current Partnerships

I can tailor workshops and team building experiences to suit your individual needs. See below for examples of my current partnerships, and enquire now for information about working with me.

Dreaming Workshop

Our people lived in harmony and in relationship with this sacred land, they lived with a sense of knowing and being as a guiding force.  That knowing was their intuition, their intuitive way, their awareness to perceive, to understand the world around them and each other. 

In this  workshop you will explore your intuition through the use of  oracle cards. This workshop empowers you to tap into your intuition and explore with curiosity what you become aware of and guided to understand on a deeper level, on a spiritual level. 

Cards used in the workshop:  Mel Brown –is Ngunnawal woman with a Masters in Indigenous Healing and Trauma. She is a Counselor, Author, Artist, Professional Speaker
and Trainer. 

Included in the workshop: Working with a timeline, grounding meditation, spiritual guidance, art and dreaming pack.



This workshop empowers you to be the healer on your healing journey.

It provides you with tools to heal emotionally, physically and spiritually by deep connection to Country.

We clear energetic pathways in the body, through body mindfulness, tuning into the awareness of the body and body balance by tapping into your intuition. We are integrul with our healing journey honoring, all parts and process of transformation, change and recovery.

Topics covered
• Physical Healing • Emotional Healing • Releasing Negative beliefs • Spiritual Healing • Meditation


Lee’s Wayapa & Dadirri class is the most fulfilling reconnection to country, through Aboriginal ways of knowing and being, l have experienced. She is a channel of wisdom and knowledge from her deep connection to country and offers this authentic space to allow you to experience a sense of spirit.  l leave with a feeling of being grounded, held, and deeply connected. l absolutely love Lee’s vibrant and passionate nature which infuses you with a desire to know and be more. 

Alex Hammond Shaw

Wayapa Wuurrk wasn't a new phrase to me (I had heard of it during an online movement/ therapy course) - so I practically jumped for joy when I heard that LeeCouchwas going to offer this brilliant practice on a weekly basis in Bright.When I'm asked about Wayapa I usually say, "it's an earth, body, mind & spirit connection within a moving meditation"... but that barely begins to fully describe my experience in this class with Lee.It's a feeling. A knowing. Taking in the wisdom of our First Nations People. Connecting to Country. Breathing the breaths of our ancestors.Lee is a beautiful soul and I am eternally grateful to share space with her, to learn more about our indigenous people & their practices.... and in the process I also get to learn more about myself.I would highly recommend Wayapa & all that Lee has to offer to anyone interested in movement, meditation, nature, and connection to this earth.

Ruth Meighan