Wayapa Wuurrk® translates to Connect to Country in the languages of the Maara and Gunnai People.

Wayapa is an Indigenous Earth mindfulness practice that combines narrative meditation and physical movement to create mind, body and spirit wellbeing. Wayapa is based on lndigenous knowledge & concepts and guides you to Connect to Country.

This unique mind-body practice combines multi-sensory meditation with traditional movement. It maintains the importance of Australia’s Traditional Custodians – the practice features Aboriginal languages, shares Aboriginal culture with all participants and supports environmental sustainability learning.


Lee’s Wayapa & Dadirri class is the most fulfilling reconnection to country, through Aboriginal ways of knowing and being, l have experienced. She is a channel of wisdom and knowledge from her deep connection to country and offers this authentic space to allow you to experience a sense of spirit.  l leave with a feeling of being grounded, held, and deeply connected. l absolutely love Lee’s vibrant and passionate nature which infuses you with a desire to know and be more. 

Alex Hammond Shaw

Wayapa Wuurrk wasn't a new phrase to me (I had heard of it during an online movement/ therapy course) - so I practically jumped for joy when I heard that LeeCouchwas going to offer this brilliant practice on a weekly basis in Bright.When I'm asked about Wayapa I usually say, "it's an earth, body, mind & spirit connection within a moving meditation"... but that barely begins to fully describe my experience in this class with Lee.It's a feeling. A knowing. Taking in the wisdom of our First Nations People. Connecting to Country. Breathing the breaths of our ancestors.Lee is a beautiful soul and I am eternally grateful to share space with her, to learn more about our indigenous people & their practices.... and in the process I also get to learn more about myself.I would highly recommend Wayapa & all that Lee has to offer to anyone interested in movement, meditation, nature, and connection to this earth.

Ruth Meighan