Sorry Business

Sorry Business

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This blend was created in response to my own personal trauma and grief after the passing of my sister. l made this blend to help with the pain, and contribute to others that are also feeling the pain of grief. 

Sorry Business is the blend for grief relief, it is gentle yet potent in its potential to heal. When you are carrying heavy emotions and overwhelmed with sadness and loss, Sorry Business lifts the body's vibrations and stimulates positive thoughts whilst keeping you connected to Country. It allows the body to correct the imbalance. 

Sorry Business blend connects you to all of the elements, air, water, earth & fire. It will assist you to release trauma in the body and encourage you to communicate with your body in a nurturing and gentle way. 

The message of the blend- " l have peace".

SUGGESTED USE: Apply to any area of the body. Specifically the solar plexus, heart, and lower back. Rub in the palms of your hands and inhale. 

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