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Wadhi Therapeutic Mountain Mist 300ml

Made from natural spring waters derived from the mountains of the Alpine’s infused with the energies of our ancestors and the purest of Essential Oils.

The mist creates a perfect alignment to the land with the scent of the bush by linking you to Country & Culture, whilst providing hydration and rejuvenation during stressful times.

We believe strongly in our relationship with our Earth Mother and turn to her healing abilities in time of need. Wadhi Mountain Mist has many therapeutic benefits, it can be used directly on the body to hydrate , replenish and heal but can also be used as a room purifier eliminating pollution.

(Wadhi meaning bush in the Gamilaraay language of the Gamilaroi people)

Pick up available from Alpine shire Area & Melb Metro

$32.00 + $10.00 packing and postage

Wadhi Wellness Blend Roller Bottle 10ml

Essential oils are a powerful physical healer, they assist the body in fighting unfriendly microorganisms, purifying organs, glands, and body systems; balancing body functions and raising the body’s energetic vibration.

In ancient times our people used natural remedies to heal on a physical & spiritual level. This powerful combination increases spiritual awareness and connection to the land with the use of Eucalyptus, Lemon Myrtle and Tea Tree Oil, the scent of the bush teaches us how to claim wholeness.

Product combined with Fractionated Coconut Oil.

Pick up available from Alpine shire area and Melb Metro

$25.00 + $6.00 postage

Wellness Package

Wadhi Wellness Spray 300ml
Yilaangaal Wellness Spray 100ml
Wadhi Healing Blend 10ml

Pick up available from Alphine Shire Area  & Melb Metro


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