Group Regression Therapy Session

Group Regression Therapy Session

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Session Length: 3 hours

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A Group Regression Therapy Session is a fun and light-hearted approach to experiencing regression.

It is a truly wonderful experience, taking you on an inner journey to self-discovery where you will be guided to experience self-awareness and understandi ng who you are and why you have chosen the life you currently have.

The more we discover about our spiritual selves the fewer physical and mental limitations we tend to experience, with the exception of some karmic conditions. We come to Earth, the school of life with all its duality, to learn lessons, which advance our soul growth and development, and to contribute towards the ceaseless expansion of life itself.

Regression Therapy is facilitated rather than suggested by the therapist. Where you go and what you experience is guided by your higher self. In this 3 hr session we will begin with creative visualisation exercises that will show you how easy it is to experience a regression, and help activate your senses: seeing, feeling, hearing and tasting (it’s not as complicated as people think.)

The key is to let go of the need to control and understand. The understanding will come later. It is best experienced in a dreamlike or a meditative state, similar to when you’re about to fall asleep. Put another way, the left brain surrenders its dominance, and the right brain takes over. This will allow you to experience what you require. 

l use is Dr. Brian Weiss’ methodology and Dolores Cannon’s technique to achieve the best results for my clients.

Please bring a pen and paper so you can write down your experience, and a pillow and blanket for comfort.

Minimum Group Size is 10 people & price is per person.

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