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Thornbury Primary School is one of the first schools in Victoria to include Dadirri & Wayapa Wuurrk in their learning environment. This program compliments the current Woiwurrung and Indigenous Studies program, and the Meditation program (also facilitated by Lee.) The suites of programs creates a pioneering approach to learning and engaging with Indigenous knowledge for the whole community.

Dadirri is inner deep listening and quiet still awareness. Dadirri recognizes the deep spring that is inside of us. While Dadirri is a word that belongs to the language of the Ngan’gikurunggur peoples of the Daly River in the Northern Territiry, the activity of Dadirri has its equivalence in many other Indigenous groups in Australia. – we al-Ii

Gamilaraay- winagar gurru- listening deep. 

Wayapa is a unique mind-body practice that combines multi-sensory meditation with traditional movement. It maintains the importance of Australia’s Traditional Custodians – the practice features Aboriginal languages, shares Aboriginal culture with all participants and supports environmental sustainability learning.

There is strong research that recognizes the benefits of narrative meditation, physical movement, mindfulness and gaining a sense of connection to place. These mind-body-earth practices link personal well-being with community environmental connection in building a sustainability society together.

The programs are weaved through the “8 Ways of Learning” pedagogy that is based on research conducted by Aboriginal education scholars in NSW.

Dadirri has been enthusiastically embraced by all of Thornbury Primary’s students, teachers and community. The practice features Aboriginal language, shares Aboriginal culture and supports environmental and sustainability learning as well as promotes health and well being.

Lee is a wonderful Educator using her incredible ability to provide a diverse range of educational tools and understanding of childhood development to allow our children to explore a Connection to Country. Lee is warm and empathetic in her teaching style as well as holds a great professional standard within the school community.

Our teachers have said:

“The Connection to Earth and Country is fantastic for grounding the children and allowing them to experience Aboriginal culture. It provides a calm focus for the day”.

“It has opened my eyes to what I can do in my classroom. I have been incorporating the tools in my lessons” Thanks so much Lee!

Emma Cornish-Giles

Wellbeing Leader, Thornbury Primary School

Wayapa Indigenous Earth Mindfulness

Wayapa® is an Indigenous Earth Mindfulness practice that combines narrative meditation and physical movement to create a mind, body, spirit well being.

Wayapa® is an Indigenous Earth Mindfulness practice that combines narravite meditation and physical movement to create a mind, body, spirit well being. Wayapa is based on lndigenous knowledge & concepts and guides you to Connect to Country. Wayapa Wuurrk® translates to Connect to Country in the languages of the Maara and Gunnai People.

When: TBC
Where: Bright Sports Centre Bright Vic 3741
Cost: $50 Introduction class 45 min

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