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Dadirri-Ancient Mindfulness Tradition

Translates to: Deep listening 

 Dadirri is inner deep listening and quiet still awareness. Dadirri recognizes the deep spring that is inside of us. While Dadirri is a word that belongs to the language of the Ngan’gikurunggur peoples of the Daly River in the Northern Territiry, the activity of Dadirri has its equivalence in many other Indigenous groups in Australia.

This 1 day workshop invites you to explore the earth mindfulness practice of Dadirri for self care and development through guided methods of deep listening, meditation, art, symbols, storytelling and didgeridoo playing.

For non Aboriginal people the program allows you to explore a cultural experience by gaining an understanding of Aboriginal ways and improve Health & Wellness. The program is ideal for communities, organisations, individuals and groups.

“For my people and all beautiful souls to keep the dreamtime alive”
– Munya Andrews- Journey into the Dreamtime

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Connection To Country
Meditation & Yarning Circle: Ganbu Marrambik

Translates to: l am one with the land in the Woiwurrung language of the Wurrundjeri People

This meditation is based on Aboriginal way of knowing and being, a spiritual connection to the land and relating to Mother Earth through narrative meditation, storytelling, and didgeridoo playing. 

Our people lived in harmony with the land for many years, they moved throughout the land, creating and naming everything in a mystical and magical way. Ganbu marrambik will take you on a journey through the land to experience a Connection to Country and dance on sacred ground.

Yarning Circle- A yarning circle will provide you with an opportunity to communicate respectfully about your experience.

For non Aboriginal people the meditation allows you to explore a cultural experience by gaining an understanding of Aboriginal ways and improve Health & Wellness. The meditations are ideal for communities, organisations, individuals and groups.

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“Walk gently on this land, sit with me and listen , listen with your dreaming ears to the voice of our Earth Mother. Feel her presence with your heart, mind and Soul.”
– Lee Couch

Meditation & Yoga Retreat

Nourish your mind and Body

A Meditation & Yoga Retreat is great to give yourself a well deserved break and time to go within and let go of your day to day routine. When we retreat from the world of our programmed way to function we can begin to identify with the thought processes that keep us looped in limitation that creates stress. A Retreat will allow you to refocus your attention on the present moment and create more stillness, peace and love allowing the essence of your being to shine through.

This Retreat is all about you, your needs and wants.

Your Retreat involves relaxation meditation, yoga session, affirmation card, healthily & nutritional lunch, essential oils workshop.

Duration 1 day

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Aquatic Mindfulness 

Mindfulness and meditation has become increasingly popular due to the research supporting the many health benefits it provides.

The sound of water is commonly used in meditation as a symbol of the infinite flow that moves through blockages and unlocks inner peace and healing. Harnessing the soothing and supportive effects of water can access this flow. Aquatic Mindfulness Activity is one of the most therapeutic activities one can take part in, it encourages a state of presences through a range of water based movements and activities. Rejuvenating the mind, body and spirit in the process.

Aquatic Mindfulness Activity is appropriate for all ages including pregnant women and the elderly. 

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Wayapa Wuurrkshops

Wayapa is an Indigenous earth mindfulness practice that combines narrative meditation and physical movement to create a mind, body, spirit well being. Wayapa is based on lndigenous knowledge & concepts and guides you to connect to Country. Wayapa Wuurrk translates to Connect Country in the languages of the Maara and Gunnai Peoples.

When: TBC
Where: Autumn Retreat 129 Miller St Thornbury Vic 3070
Cost: $50 Introduction class 45 min

For enquiries call Lee Couch 0400 319 202 or:

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